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We help you deliver outstanding broadcasting
anytime, anywhere at any size.

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Intuitive production apps

for audio content creators.

On-Hertz Lumo:

Your radio studio on a laptop for outside broadcasting.

On-Hertz Voice Booth:

Your software-based interview solution for radio journalists and podcasters.


Enterprise-grade, modular, scalable and API-driven software solutions

for real-time audio production.

On-Hertz Artisto:

Your audio production platform

On-Hertz Ringo:

SIP comms simplified

On-Hertz Flexible Audio Mixer:

The software mixer brings you from signal flow design to live operations in seconds.


Cloud-based production services with flexible subscription models tailored to your audio broadcasting needs.

On-Hertz Artisto:

Your audio production platform in your cloud environment.

On-Hertz Nubo:

Your cloud-based radio studio.

On-Hertz Voice Booth:

Your cloud-based interview solution for journalists and podcasters.

Your Key Benefits with Every Use of Our Solutions:

We know you're under constant pressure

to meet today's production demands with every show.

Hear our customers explain how we helped them bridge the gap between traditional equipment-reliant productions and the future of scalable and distributed broadcasting.


: Producing Live Sports at Scale

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