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Connect your HQ and venues
with our simple software SIP solution.
Manage them through an intuitive webUI.

Confused technical operation manager

As a technical operation manager, audio engineer, or service provider, you need a reliable and scalable

SIP communication solution to seamlessly connect production sites for your 4-wire connections, contributions or mix-minuses.

Traditional hardware-bound systems are a logistics nightmare, overcomplicated to operate, and expensive to scale.

Why Ringo?

At On-Hertz, we pioneer audio-first production software designed to amplify your production capabilities.

 Ringo offers a clear path to simplify your SIP comms: 

1. Deploy Quickly

Ringo can be set up in minutes on off-the-shelf hardware and is even available as a turnkey starter kit.

2. Manage Easily

Use our intuitive webUI to manage, operate and monitor your pool of SIP lines, even remotely.


The built-in reservation mechanism provides clarity on resource availability.

3. Scale Effortlessly

Scale up from 4 codecs to hundreds as needed without using rack space and going through painful cabling.


Interoperability is guaranteed with all major codec brands for a drop-in integration into your existing workflow.

Ringo Starter Kit

 from 3,640€ / $3.990 

 Get your direct quote 

  • Turnkey package available, incl. hardware

  • From 4 SIP lines up to 100s

  • Support for G711, G722, Opus, PCM

  • Compatible with all major brands

  • TLS and Media Encryption

  • Tone Generator

  • Web UI for easy (remote) management & operations with 1-click routing

  • API control

  • Optional Gateway to ST2110, Dante, Ravenna, Livewire, WebRTC, NDI, SRT...

  • Optional DTMF Generator

  • Infinite Modularity & Expansion through Artisto

Starter Kit

Simplifying SIP comms starts at the configuration.

Here is an example of how Ringo makes your life easier.

Experience seamless communication between your HQ and venues

for your 4-wire connections, contributions, and mix minuses.


Enhance your operational efficiency and streamle your workflow.

Avoid the logistics nightmare of traditional hardware, with cumbersome management and control operations. Switch to Ringo for a scalable, easy-to-manage solution that eliminates these headaches.

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