Virtual Audio Core on COTS

Modularity + Interoperability + Open web-API

  1. It's all based on microservices! Easily build & setup your workflow from Artisto's web interface thanks to our node editor.

  2. Control and (inter)operate efficiently thanks to Artisto's open web-API.

  3. When needed, deploy user interfaces effortlessly thanks to our front-end library, familiar to any web developer.

Engineers, end-users and finance happy together!

Artisto simplifies the automation and the integration of any workflow involving sound. It eliminates the frustrations inherent in complex hardware infrastructures, and dispenses with the need for outdated, insecure control protocols. 


By simplifying the automation of many routine, time-consuming processes it removes the complexity of interoperability, making a huge contribution to increased productivity and reduced cost.






routing / mixing

loudness lever



web streaming

player / recorder

SIP/RTP transport


Use cases?

  • Monitoring, detection and control of loudness levels for live studios

  • Automated video productions

  • Advanced workflows for cross-platform media diffusion

  • Automixing and conforming of remote live audio sources

  • Integration of host broadcaster's signal for international localisation and distribution

  • Remote interfaces for journalist recording booths


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