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Your anytime, anywhere cloud-based radio production studio.

On-Hertz Nubo - Top Product Red Tech Awa

Nubo by On-Hertz is a fully cloud-based radio studio designed to take your radio game to a whole new level.

Whether you’re going solo or you’re a team of presenters, technicians, and contributors, Nubo has everything you need to broadcast live with a fully virtual experience. 

All you need to get started is a web browser and a microphone. So what are you waiting for?

 Sign up, sign in, broadcast 

The flexibility to work remotely is more important than ever, but radio stations aren’t often set up for this. Nubo elegantly solves this problem by offering a fully integrated live radio studio in the cloud. Whether you’re a presenter or a contributor, you can simply log in via web browser, plug in your mic, create and mix your content, and transmit to the world at professional-grade audio quality.

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 Fast. Frictionless. Flexible. 

Nubo doesn’t just make it simple to bring contributors into the conversation — it’s a complete radio studio experience. For the more technical among you, that means low-latency contribution, monitoring, playout, mixing, N-minus, talkback, and even parametric EQs and dynamics. In a nutshell? Nubo has everything you need to broadcast your radio show.

_Contribution made simple_

Invite contributors to join your shows from anywhere with a web browser or from their smartphone.

Nubo manages up to six WebRTC contributors accessible from uniquely generated URL links.

Or, thanks to the SIP phone, you can also simply call them.

All contribution channels benefit from the same top-notch processing as well as a dedicated N-1 bus.

On-Hertz - Nubo - Contribution - Guest o
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_Fluid operations, fluid workflows_

Nubo is effortlessly optimised for both existing radio stations and those looking to create a new spin-off. Whether you’re taking to the airwaves for the first time, or you already have a production facility, Nubo will seamlessly integrate with your current workflow and automation software.

 Bring it all together with On-Hertz Hub 

With broadcasters more distributed (and busier) than ever, there’s an even greater need for a seamless workflow. From scheduling regular calls to getting the audio quality just right, that’s a lot of moving parts. Make administration easy with the On-Hertz Hub, a fully integrated hub that helps you manage users, stay on top of planning and admin tasks, adjust permissions, schedule back-end tasks, and much more.

On-Hertz - Hub - Login (Petit).png

.Nubo’s unique “studio-as-a-service” approach to cloud-based radio is revolutionising the way we broadcast at scale..

And enjoy all of this:

  • A fully functional live radio studio based in the cloud and accessible via a web browser.

  • Complete control for presenters, technicians, producers and contributors.

  • Broadcast-grade feature set including automixer, N-minus, playout, low-latency contribution, parametric EQs, dynamics and more.

  • Built for scalability thanks to its Docker-based architecture.

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing workflows including popular automation systems and AoIP transmission solutions.

  • Invite contributors to join your shows from anywhere with a web browser or from their smartphone.

  • Unshackle your audio output from insecure, unreliable Remote Desktop Connections.

  • Complete back-end control of your studios and users thanks to the On-Hertz Hub.

Nubo Use Case


Working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the possible use cases:

  • the show host is at home with minimum equipment;

  • the sound engineer is working from the main facility or from home every other day;

  • several guests and columnists are invited every day, all remote;

  • the news and weather forecasts are read from the main studio;

  • the producer is working from home, (s)he needs to synchronize everything and everybody as if the whole show took place in the main studio.

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