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Voice Booth

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Cloud-based interview solution for journalists and podcasters.
Intuitive, Best audio quality, Perfectly integrated.

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The Voice Booth brings you:

  • a highly intuitive web-based user interface

  • flexibility in communication thanks to supporting both SIP for regular calls, and WebRTC for high-quality web-based interviews.

  • Comprehensive voice processing with our EQs and dynamics, delivering the only truly broadcast-grade solution on the market.


As with every other solution in the On-Hertz range, a focus has been set on the ability to integrate into larger workflows, for example by pushing media to a watch folder. Thanks to its complementarity with Artisto, the software audio engine by On-Hertz, complex audio workflows can be created and adjusted in minutes rather than weeks.


From freelancers to large media organizations, On‑Hertz Voice Booth scales in just a few clicks.

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