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Amplify your broadcasting possibilities.
Deliver outstanding live productions.
Anytime. Anywhere. At any size.

Ensure pristine

audio quality.


your efficiency.

Increase agility

and scalability.


training requirements.


in control.

Lady in the metro consuming media content

The broadcasting industry is changing fast, and it won't slow down any time soon.

With shifts in media consumption and new production requirements, the future of broadcasting is elastic and distributed.

Rethink the way you work with software designed to meet creative and economic demands.



RTL Belgium (2023)_white_100pxh.png
On-Hertz UIs

Build your infrastructure and turn your browser into
a powerful production platform.

Innovate your workflows

and processes by

re-configuring, not rebuilding.

Unify interfaces and

seamlessly integrate third parties,

incl. hw controllers, through API.

Built-in redundancy and

disaster recovery to

safeguard your shows.

Scale your broadcasting capabilities
to reach 
a wider audience.
Regardless of rights volatility or economic swings.

Future-proof and amplify
your broadcast productions.

> A flexible software solution with all the tools you expect and much more.


Utilize your audio production expertise with more flexibility. Unplug from your legacy infrastructure and work from anywhere.

> Ideal interfaces for every user profile.

Ensure every user has the perfect interface to do their best work, digital or physical, technical or not. Easily customize their interface as needs change.

> Digitalization that brings it all together.


Combine features and tools that have traditionally been separated, spend less time training your teams, less time connecting your tools, and more time using them to the fullest. 

Rocket coming out of a mixer (website).png

Don't let technology limit what you can create!

Artisto node library

AoIP Contribution
Loudness monitoring
Loudness levelling
and more... one API-driven software audio core.

In today's world, teams are working everywhere.
With On-Hertz, you can deliver cutting-edge broadcasting
anytime, anywhere at any size.


  • Migrate to full IP data centers and reduce operating costs.

  • Adopt IT methodologies to simplify deployment, increase resilience, and ease support.

  • Move to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) when it matters.


  • Capture emotions where the live action happens.

  • Carry your equipment in a backpack, not a truck. Reduce travel expenses and hazards.

  • Allow creatives and engineers to work from anywhere.


  • Scale dynamically, without upfront investment.

  • Move to a secured environment, without the IT pain.

  • Gain total peace of mind.

3 Steps to Amplify Your Production Infrastructure:

On-Hertz path to R.O.I.

1. Define Your Vision Together


We partner to craft your digital transformation roadmap. We turn use cases and specs into a solid project plan.

2. Craft Your Pipeline with Ease


Leave legacy hardware behind. Our user-friendly yet powerful tools simplify workflow creation and integration.

3. Launch, Realize R.O.I., and Refine


You're on-air in days, not months. You test, validate and reap returns promptly. Continual improvement and expansion are not just possible but integral parts of the journey.


We know you're under constant pressure

to meet today's production demands with every show.

That's why On-Hertz bridges the gap between the traditional world of

equipment-reliant production and the future of scalable and distributed broadcasting.


: Producing Live Sports at Scale

In today's fast-paced broadcasting industry,
if you’re not staying ahead with scalable technology, 
your market share is at risk.

On-Hertz will equip you with a flexible, intuitive solution to deliver powerful live broadcasting.

On-Hertz - leading the pack

Any time. Anywhere.
At any size.

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