On-Hertz is the virtual audio specialist

for broadcast and media industries.

In a world where media consumption evolves very quickly, our solutions respond to the challenges faced by broadcasters and media companies, enabling more flexible, more integrated, user-oriented workflows and productions.,

We help you align your organisation with your audience's needs,

creating differentiation, increasing engagement and generating new revenue opportunities.

To achieve this, we leverage the benefits of virtualization, web technologies and outstanding user experience.

Your feedback is our fuel, so please, come and visit us, or simply be in touch,

and let's make your next big project concrete together!

On-Hertz SA

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm CEST

Address 1: Avenue Saint Pancrace 18/8, 1950 Brussels, Belgium

Address 2: Rue des Canadiens 214, 7022 Mons, Belgium

VAT#: BE0696779209

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