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IBC2023: Artisto’s native ST 2110 support allows broadcasters to truly leverage the benefits of IP

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Mons, Belgium - Leading the shift to an elastic and distributed production infrastructure, On-Hertz unveils native SMPTE ST 2110 support for Artisto at IBC 2023.

Broadcasters are navigating an ever-evolving industry landscape, necessitating more efficient, scalable and distributed operations to maintain a competitive edge. Transitioning to an ST 2110 IP-based infrastructure marks a significant milestone for many broadcasters. However, achieving true scalability requires a change from a hardware-centric to a comprehensive software-based production infrastructure. While video solutions have been advancing at pace, broadcasters have grappled with a lack of reliable software solutions specifically serving audio needs.

Recognising this gap, On-Hertz has been leading the industry forward with its innovative audio-first production software, Artisto. “Our mission is to amplify your production capabilities, delivering outstanding live broadcasting without limitations,” the company declares.

At IBC 2023, On-Hertz is excited to announce the addition of native SMPTE ST 2110 and Multi Audio Devices (MAD) support to their core technology. These developments free broadcasters from the constraints of legacy hardware environments and promise to further enhance Artisto’s benefits for the broadcasting industry. With On-Hertz’s software solutions, any browser becomes a powerful production platform, enabling broadcasters to meet both creative and economic demands, whether on-premises, on-demand, or on-the-go.

Unlike existing video-oriented solutions, often featuring a low channel count, Artisto caters to the high channel count demanded by audio. Artisto runs on COTS and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, on bare-metal or hypervisor, traditionally or containerised. Its in-house developed 2110-30 interface requires just a generic network card, while the new Multiple Audio Device (MAD) capability allows seamless mixing, routing and shuffling of audio sources and destinations across different protocols.

Enhancing Artisto’s already comprehensive integration with protocols such as SIP, WebRTC, SRT, NDI, or Icecast, the new inclusion of ST 2110 and MAD provides broadcast engineers unparalleled freedom to reinvent their infrastructure. More than just a flexible mixer, Artisto is a comprehensive toolbox. It offers a broad spectrum of freely interconnectable audio routing, mixing, processing, contribution, and monitoring nodes that ensure pristine sound quality across a variety of customer configurations.

“From the initial launch of Artisto, we’ve advocated for a shift to a full-software approach as the only way to elevate broadcast productions in the competitive media landscape,” says Benjamin Lardinoit, Co-Founder and CEO of On-Hertz. “With the introduction of native ST 2110 support and MAD, we give our customers the tools to truly embrace this paradigm shift and address some of their most pressing strategic challenges.”

By enabling broadcasters to fully leverage the advantages of true IP workflows and virtualisation: efficiency, scalability, and distributed operations, Artisto allows customers to future-proof and amplify their production infrastructure.

On-Hertz invites you to join them at Booth 10.D31a at IBC 2023 for a live demo of Artisto’s new additions. In the meantime, you can explore their customer use case videos on the On-Hertz website at

About On-Hertz

Future-proof and amplify your broadcast production.

We are On-Hertz, pioneers in audio-first production software. Our mission is to amplify your production capabilities, enabling you to deliver outstanding live broadcasting anytime, anywhere, at any size.

To respond to the fast-paced changes in the broadcast industry, we offer a suite of elastic and distributed solutions, free from the limitations of legacy hardware environments.

Leading broadcasters trust our software to innovate their processes, reduce complexity, and increase efficiency. Our solutions and apps are easy to adopt and a breeze to use, and transform your browser into a powerful production platform.

With On-Hertz, you can future-proof and amplify your broadcast production to meet both creative and economic demands. On-premises, on-demand, and on-the-go.


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