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NAB23: Support for Multiple Simultaneous Audio Devices, US-debut for Voice Booth and Partnerships

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Press Release

MONS/LAS VEGAS, MARCH 30, 2023 - On-Hertz (C6537), the Belgian audio-software provider for broadcast and media industries, unveils new capabilities, solutions, and partnerships to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry at the centennial edition of NAB Show.

Artisto, the complete software-based media engine for streamlining sound workflows, adds more punch to its already powerful pack. With this update, Artisto offers the unique capability to convert and process signals from/to multiple simultaneous audio devices or streams.

For example, broadcasters can produce a show that combines streams from a MADI interface, USB mics, a virtual audio network and remote contributors without any hardware converter or integration work.

Benjamin Lardinoit, CEO On-Hertz:

"The killer feature here is that Artisto's multiple audio device capability works perfectly in combination with the already supported IP protocols (SIP, WebRTC, NDI, web streaming…). You can convert between them seamlessly and, of course, route / mix / process / monitor any stream with ease. This ability is unique in the industry, especially on a fully software platform that can be deployed and scaled easily."

On-Hertz Voice Booth will make its US debut at NAB. The Voice Booth is a brand-new on-prem or cloud-based solution for journalists and podcasters, allowing them to record interviews and contribute to live shows from anywhere, anytime. The voice booth offers a highly intuitive web-based user interface, flexibility in communication thanks to supporting local IOs, VoIP (SIP) and WebRTC, and the best audio quality thanks to On-Hertz's renowned comprehensive audio processing. As with any solution in the On-Hertz range, the Voice Booth integrates seamlessly into larger production workflows. From freelancers to big media organizations, On‑Hertz Voice Booth scales in just a few clicks. No dedicated hardware is required apart from a good mic and headset.

Finally, On-Hertz is proud to announce that, true to its API-first design, Artisto is now integrated with a range of solutions in the industry, proving its ability to support many different production requirements.

Tinkerlist (C6336) will present its "One-man band" solution for journalists, integrating Artisto with their script/rundown tool offering cue automation. The API-based integration is transparent to the user, allowing a smooth and intuitive experience. This groundbreaking solution enables a single journalist to produce live content from start to finish without technical support, streamlining workflow and efficiency for breaking news and live events.

On-Hertz and MakePro Audio have collaborated to integrate On-Hertz's powerful software media engine, Artisto, with MakePro-X's latest modular controller, featuring a sleek touchscreen interface on top of traditional faders and buttons. The result is a mixer that combines software scalability and physical controllers' intuitive tactility. It provides a smooth and adaptable workflow for live production setups, whether on-premises or remote and will be showcased in the On-Hertz booth.

By attending the NAB convention, On-Hertz is taking steps to expand international collaboration by purposefully looking for new international partners and representation. Are you interested in partnering with On-Hertz, don't hesitate to get in touch and meet up at booth C6537.

Use the following link to set up an appointment:

More information about On-Hertz and its products is available at

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About On-Hertz

On-Hertz brings media brands closer to their audience. We allow creators to go from idea to high-quality content faster, live or pre-recorded, from niche shows to those with millions of fans.

On-Hertz audio-first software suite empowers you to break free from the limitations of legacy hardware environments. We build solutions and apps that are easy to adopt, a breeze to use, and offer full control over your production.

On-Hertz is where the digital transformation of your media brand starts.

· Grow your audience by tapping the potential of live content

· Produce more content at superior quality

· Simplify and speed up your production process

Faster, better, wider: the evolution your media brand needs.

On-Hertz Contact:

Benjamin Lardinoit (Co-founder & CEO) or Markus Maschke (Chief Commercial Officer)



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