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On-Hertz, A New Company will Bring Unique New Way of Doing Radio to IBC

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

On-Hertz’s software-based solution coupled with simple COTS hardware increases flexibility, reduces cost of outside broadcast

Renaud Schoonbroodt & Benjamin Lardinoit, On-Hertz founders
On-Hertz founders

Kraainem, Belgium 18 June 2018

Exhibiting at IBC for the first time, On-Hertz is a new company whose aim is to make radio outside broadcasts more cost-effective and logistically simpler. On-Hertz will launch its unique, innovative solution at IBC 2018 (booth 10.F42), where it will be targeting not only radio stations but also potential agents.

Belgian company On-Hertz was founded by Renaud Schoonbroodt, a passionate software developer since the age of 12, and Benjamin Lardinoit, a seasoned broadcast industry professional. Schoonbroodt has 15 years’ experience in the radio industry – from product development to large project integration – while Lardinoit brings a highly successful track record of international sales to the world’s largest events and broadcasters.

“We could clearly see that radio stations are facing a number of challenges,” said Schoonbroodt. “They need to differentiate themselves from music streaming services. They need to counter the threat of revenue shift away from radio at a time when subsidies for public radio are being reduced. And: they need to create stronger brand engagement.”

“How should they respond?” he continued. “They need to leverage the immediacy of radio as a live medium; to get closer to their audience; and to generate greater interactivity. The good news is that the technologies exist to enable those things to happen – and that they’re very affordable.”

“We believe that the radio industry – presenters and DJs, for example - needs new tools, a radio solution that is more mobile, more autonomous, more flexible,” said Lardinoit. “The solutions available today are often based on expensive, proprietary platforms, and are often bulky – making transportation a challenge, and limiting the locations from which a broadcast can be made. A software-based solution that leverages the power of the cloud, together with inexpensive hardware such as a tablet or laptop will, we believe, be hugely appealing in terms of lower cost and greater flexibility.”

Target customers for the new solution from On-Hertz will be live radio stations of all sizes – of which there are tens of thousands around the world – who are looking to improve their workflow, increase their mobility and reduce their cost structure.

“While both Benjamin and I have attended many IBCs in the past, we’re very much looking forward to our first time at the show with this new company, and to showing the radio industry a solution that is radically different and that can revolutionise what’s possible,” concluded Schoonbroodt.

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About On-Hertz

On-Hertz produces unique, innovative, highly affordable web-based radio studio solutions, providing a complete workflow on a local laptop/tablet or in the cloud. The solution responds to the challenges faced by radio stations, enabling presenters to broadcast live from anywhere much more easily and efficiently, at lower cost – creating differentiation, increasing engagement and generating new revenue opportunities. On-Hertz’s virtual radio studio offers a complete feature set and absolute reliability, and transforms the economics of outside broadcast.

On-Hertz is proudly trusted by the following start-up acceleration programmes: imec.istart (, Start It @ KBC (, VRT Sandbox (

On-Hertz Contact:

Benjamin Lardinoit


Press Contact:

Fiorenza Mella

XPresso Communications

Tel: +31 71 523 82 10


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