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Radio continuity in a world of extensive remote operations

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

On-Hertz strongly believes in the role that radio has to play as a media of proximity to keep people informed, entertained and connected. In the light of ongoing confinement and travel bans policies around the globe, this role increases in importance even more.

In these hectic times, we would like to help you conciliate the need to ensure business continuity while coping with health-related requirements. Lumo is a full radio studio running on a simple laptop that is designed for self-op remote broadcasting. It is very intuitive yet powerful. Lumo includes everything you need to run your radio show from your living room!

Since we all hope this situation is temporary, On-Hertz is happy to provide you with monthly licenses (that's one of the advantages of software). And, if you never tested Lumo, the first 2 weeks are on us so you can assess for yourself whether it is the right tool.

Take care, and talk to you soon!

The On-Hertz team


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