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On-Hertz achieves AWS Technology Partner status and completes Foundational Technical Review

Press release

Brussels, 08/11/2022 – On-Hertz, the leader in audio-first production software for broadcast & media, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner status and completed the Foundational Technical Review (FTR) of Artisto. Artisto is On-Hertz's flagship software engine that simplifies the automation and integration of any workflow involving sound.

Renaud Schoonbroodt, co-founder and CTO at On-Hertz, says:

"We are delighted to have completed the FTR. It shows that we are committed to developing cloud applications with the best possible practices, just like we do for our on-prem solutions. Our customers often have a range of on-prem and cloud operations, we want them all to run effortlessly smooth. The FTR completion opens a range of new opportunities for On-Hertz and our customers when it comes to audio mixing in the cloud, especially when you combine it with the extra possibilities already built-in in Artisto."

The AWS Foundational Technical Review enables AWS Partners to identify and remediate risks in their products or solutions. The FTR is led by an AWS Partner Solutions Architect (PSA) who reviews AWS Partner products and solutions against a specific set of requirements based on security, reliability and operational excellence defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. On-Hertz was supported in the process by AWS Advanced Partner, Necko Technologies. Adhering to FTR guidelines, On-Hertz can review projects against FTR requirements to select best practices ensuring the best possible client experience.

As a firm supporter of replacing outdated silo-ed hardware infrastructures with agile software ones, On-Hertz has been a pioneer of cloud-based broadcasting production solutions. This technology is ideal in some use cases to complement on-prem infrastructure and is key in building flexible, efficient workflows that are quickly adaptable and scalable.

Thanks to the AWS Partner status, On-Hertz can continue to help customers to produce content and reach their audience from wherever they are in the world. Broadcasters can connect remotely without the need for bulky hardware equipment, capturing the audience's imagination on the go with fresh and surprising content.

Renaud Schoonbroodt adds:

"We assist our customers in a journey towards content creation without any technical limitations, be them technical heroes or not. If we want to lift broadcasting up and away from hardware restrictions, it's only logical to take advantage of the opportunities the cloud provides. We must do so by working with the industry's best standards. That's why we consider Artisto's FTR an essential step for On-Hertz and are very proud of the achievement."


About On-Hertz

On-Hertz brings media brands closer to their audience. We allow creators to go from idea to high-quality content faster, live or pre-recorded, from niche shows to those with millions of fans.

On-Hertz audio-first software suite empowers you to break free from the limitations of legacy hardware environments. We build solutions and apps that are easy to adopt, a breeze to use, and offer full control over your production.

On-Hertz is where the digital transformation of your media brand starts.

• Grow your audience by tapping the potential of live content

• Produce more content at superior quality

• Simplify and speed up your production process

Faster, better, wider: the evolution your media brand needs.


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