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On-Hertz announces Flexible Audio Mixer update for Artisto software media engine

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Latest Updates to be Revealed at NAB Show 2022

On-Hertz, the Belgian audio-software provider for broadcast and media industries, will be showcasing the latest updates to Artisto, its software-based media engine, during NAB Show 2022, including its brand-new Flexible Audio Mixer. Taking place in Las Vegas later this month, NAB show is the world's largest trade convention for media, entertainment and technology broadcast professionals.

Artisto, already the complete solution for streamlining sound workflows is to become even more accessible with the introduction of the Flexible Audio Mixer. This new, simplified system removes the need for custom interfaces to be created based on the individual use cases for each broadcaster. Instead, operators will be able to easily define in- and output requirements and types before automatically generating the new operational interface.

With the look and feel of a physical audio mixer, other audio nodes can be added manually, preserving the exceptional modularity and versatility of the software, API-based engine.

The Flexible Audio Mixer can also be assigned to any external hardware controller if required. These updates will bring the technical architects and end-users closer, enabling them to be operational within minutes.

Besides, Artisto will now run on Linux and has been made compatible with Docker containers. Other updates to Artisto include NDI support and multiple new advanced audio processing features. Finally, On-Hertz will also present Nubo, its cloud-based radio studio, in the U.S.A for the first time. Nubo, a SaaS solution for broadcasters on the go, empowers radio makers to produce comprehensive radio shows, including playout, mixing, AoIP contribution and transmission anywhere and at any time from a simple web browser.

The innovations to On-Hertz range of solutions and services are based on customer feedback and demonstrate On-Hertz’s commitment to continually evolving its software production suite with the needs of today’s media broadcasting industry.

All these updates will be presented at the NAB trade convention in Las Vegas, which draws thousands of content professionals each year. The show’s tagline ‘Where content comes to life’ aligns with On-Hertz’s purpose of bringing media brands closer to their audiences. Which On-Hertz does through providing versatile audio production software, enabling faster, better and live audio content production.

By attending the NAB convention, On-Hertz is taking steps to expand international collaboration by purposefully looking for new U.S. partners and representation. Are you interested in partnering with On-Hertz, don't hesitate to get in touch and meet up at booth C7629.

Use the following link to set up an appointment:

Use the Guest Pass Code LV32243 to claim your free exhibit pass.

About On-Hertz

On-Hertz brings media brands closer to their audience. We allow creators to go from idea to high-quality content faster, live or pre-recorded, from niche shows to those with millions of fans.

On-Hertz audio-first software suite empowers you to break free from the limitations of legacy hardware environments. We build solutions and apps that are easy to adopt, a breeze to use, and offer full control over your production.

On-Hertz is where the digital transformation of your media brand starts.

  • Grow your audience by tapping the potential of live content

  • Produce more content at superior quality

  • Simplify and speed up your production process

Faster, better, wider: the evolution your media brand needs.


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