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On-Hertz lands MediaRoad Quality label!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

MediaRoad assigned the Quality Label to VRT’s Sandbox On-Hertz project, started in May 2018.

In a very quickly evolving media landscape, traditional media must reinvent themselves in order to maintain brand engagement and generate new revenue streams.

Radio holds a very special place in people’s lives, reaching very large audiences daily and achieving the highest scores in terms of trustworthiness. Radio is the media of proximity by excellence: global reach, large & deep offer, responsive, strong communities, and deeply human.

In the field though, traditional radio studios are a very complex mix of dedicated hardware and software. For outside broadcasting, they are often complex to deploy and involve tedious logistics, resulting in substantial investments and heavy operational costs.

On-Hertz answers those challenges by leveraging the power of commercial off-the-shelf hardware in a simple, yet comprehensive package: a full radio studio on a tablet that provides mobility, ease of use and cost-efficiency to broadcasters.

VRT (Radio 2) was looking at facilitating outside broadcasting, giving its presenters the opportunity to be more creative and make radio shows from whatever location they would like to.

As a first project, Radio 2’s team produced the very first radio show in Europe entirely made from a hot-air balloon. The whole show (audio part) was produced using On-Hertz’s LUMO. The show was a special event and generated high engagement with the audience (typical audience on Facebook Live multiplied by 3 to 5) and international exposure through news and articles.

For subsequent shows, Radio 2 is focusing on applying the same lighter and more efficient operations to day-to-day shows. For example:

  • from a bar during the Worldcup

  • from a local weather man’s garden during the heatwave

  • from a New Year event

In the future, On-Hertz’s solutions will be focused on improving broadcasters’ production workflows and helping them align their economics with today’s revenue opportunities.

Sandbox: VRT Sandbox


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