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Artisto powers EBU Award-Winning CR42 from RTBF + use case-centric webinar

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) awarded its Technology and Innovation Award 2020 to RTBF for their Control Room 42 (CR42) project. On-Hertz' Artisto virtual broadcast engine powers all the audio side of CR42.

See at the bottom of the article for the webinar replay.

The project, investigating the future of RTBF's new workflows and facilities, aimed at virtualising the main control room used for TV news.

The challenge consisted of virtualising a traditional hardware-based facility into a suite of software with a unified user interface that eventually empowers a crew of only 4 to produce TV news.

The final solution integrates Artisto, for the audio side, TouchDesigner, for the video and UI side and Smode, for graphics. The 3 softwares communicate through simple APIs. The user interface has been fully designed and customised in-house by RTBF to meet the need of their production and editorial team. CR42 runs off simple off-the-shelves servers, opening a new paradigm for future infrastructure investments.

On-Hertz invited Hugo Ortiz (CR42 Projet Manager & Innovation Officer, RTBF) for a use case-centric webinar unfolding all the ins and outs of this project.

The full replay, including over 30 minutes Q&A, is available here:

Read the EBU's press release:


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