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What our customers say from us?

We came up with the crazy project to produce a full radio show from a flying balloon, a first in Belgium! The idea was very exciting but also full of challenges. Luckily, the solution provided by On-Hertz was at the same time light and straightforward. It allowed us to make a fantastic broadcast from a unique and not obvious location. It did the job perfectly!


Daan Masset

Presenter Radio 2


I am delighted by Lumo's range of features. I did not think we could have replaced so much equipment with a sound card and a PC that fit in a shoe box. As the one in charge of deploying the resources, I reckon it can really simplify the way we make radio shows outside.

Frank Smellinckx, Chief Production Facilities


Using Lumo was both comfortable and fun.

Besides, it is the first time that I have the opportunity to have a drink with the technical team after the show because most of the time when they have finished disassembling the equipment the bar is closed ! This is good for team spirit !

Annelies Moons

Presenter Radio 1

As the presenter of the official pop-up radio of the EBU Network Technology Seminar (NTS) 2018, it was important to be able to interview participants to the event without being limited by the technical aspects.

On-Hertz' solution controlled by a simple tablet was easily deployed, gave me the flexibility and freedom to move around the exhibition floor and to concentrate on what matters: producing good content and engaging with the audience.

Overall, it was a successful radio show enabled thanks to the user-friendly and mobile radio studio!

Eleonora Maria Mazzoli,

European Affairs Assistant, European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

With their unique virtualised radio studio solution, providing all you need to make a live radio show running on one laptop, On-Hertz provides the VRT a much more efficient way to meet our mission:  to inform, inspire and connect with our audience. 

Karel De Bondt,

Media Workflow Innovator & Intrapreneurship Coordinator, VRT

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