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NTS2018 by EBU - On-Hertz’s LUMO Chosen as the Virtual Radio Studio at the EBU Event

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Kraainem, July 12, 2018

On-Hertz's LUMO was featured as the pop-up radio studio of the show during the Network Technology Seminar held, as every year since 2012, by EBU in Geneva.

Described as "the annual rendezvous for broadcast experts dealing with IP production infrastructure, as well as for IT network and storage specialists that deal with broadcast media content", the event gathered speakers and guests from all over the world around the themes of IP and cloud-based production.

Following the first radio show aired from a hot-air balloon with Radio 2 in Belgium, On-Hertz attended the EBU event in Switzerland together with VRT Sandbox and Mediaroad to showcase its virtual radio studio. LUMO was also chosen as the virtual studio for the pop-up radio of the event.

On-Hertz and selected other companies to picth their solutions on stage at NTS2018 by EBU.

For two days, over 20 international experts took turns on stage to discuss the state of the industry when it comes to IP standards, IP solutions available on the market, interoperability, the need for end-to-end IP workflows, media workflows and productions in the cloud.

During the breaks, guests could listen to additional interviews with some of the experts. Carried out in association with Mediaroad, these interviews were captured using LUMO and augmented with cameras angles provided by VRT Sandbox. The interviews were broadcast live on the event feed.

LUMO proved to be a very functional and easy-to-use tool during the event. Its small footprint and easy operations allowed the presenter, Eleonora Mazzoli (Mediaroad), to wander in all directions while interviewing several attendees.

The virtual studio was controlled from an iPad while the audio engine was running off an HP mini PC. A laptop running VMix did the video mixing and the content was then transferred to EBU's master control room for broadcast.

To get a sneak peek of the take-aways of the NTS sessions, head over to the Sandbox YouTube channel where the following interviews are available on-demand:

- Hans Hoffmann (EBU, T&I)

- Jemma Phillips (BBC, Senior Architect)

- Thomas Edwards (FOX, VP Engineering & Development)

- Mark Patrick (BBC Wales, Project Manager New Building)

- Kieran Kunhya (Open Broadcast Systems, Founder)

- Felix Poulin (CBC - Radio Canada, Senior Manager Engineering Lab)

- Karel De Bondt (VRT Sandbox, Media Workflow Innovator & Intrapreneurship Coordinator)

- Benjamin Lardinoit (On-Hertz, Co-Founder)

More info on NTS by EBU:

More info on On-Hertz:

More info on the VRT Sandbox:

More info on Mediaroad:

All photo credits: EBU (C) - NTS2018 -


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