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Joint Execution Program

Guidance to build better workflows

The risk-free way to start improving your audio workflow in a few easy steps.

At the end of our Joint Execution Program, you will know what business problems we can solve together, what benefits you will get and have a clear view on the path to ROI.

From ideation to a running POC in a snap!


Together, we define the scope of your project and make sure your  challenges become our requirements.


On top of a dedicated solution engineer, you get full access to Artisto's API and doc.

We get your teams on board and plan the roadmap to your ROI.


We start with simple steps allowing you to test propositions rapidly, then we iterate quickly towards your final goal so you can evaluate the added-value of Artisto in your workflow.

What's included?

Joint Execution Program 

Joint Execution Program: Process


per month*

A smooth onboarding to sparkle ambitious upgrades to your content-creation workflow.

We make it easy for you.

By joining our program, you get:

  • to evaluate Artisto for your use case

  • with minimum risks and without the pressure of long-term commitment,

  • access to a dedicated solution engineer,

  • unlocked access to Artisto's designer and engine,

  • full access to our API & documentation,

  • a deductible fee from your first order (up to 50% of your JEP)*.

  • pre-agreed rates for custom developments.

JEP form

*Terms and conditions apply, talk to your representative or your contact at On-Hertz.

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